Worth knowing

Blind Jogging

The Association «Blind-Jogging» is the umbrella organization for blind running in Switzerland. It trains volunteers to become guides for the blind and supports blind and visually impaired people in taking part in sports in the fresh air.

Swiss Volunteers

The national nonprofit organization Swiss Volunteers is aimed at people who want to volunteer. It helps event organizers who can only hold their events thanks to volunteers and who want to better plan and appreciate the commitment of their volunteers.


The Swiss Health Foundation RADIX takes on missions and develops offers that contribute to strengthening the competence of individuals and communities in dealing with health and illness and to shaping and sustainably developing living, working and leisure conditions in a way that promotes health. RADIX is oriented towards a policy that enables all people to take responsibility for their own health, to take advantage of health offers and to help shape their living, working and leisure conditions.

Swiss Athletics

As part of the adult sports coordinated by the FOSPO, Swiss Athletics is responsible for the training of esa running coaches as well as esa coaches for trail running and mountain running. With this commitment, Swiss Athletics would like to help ensure that good quality training is offered in the numerous running clubs, running groups, etc. with well-trained coaches.


sCOOL is a sustainable school project of the Swiss Orienteering Federation, which was launched in connection with the World Orienteering Championships held in Switzerland (Rapperswil/Jona SG) in August 2003.